12 Step Program

12 Step Program at Reflections Recovery

One of the central parts of our substance abuse treatment platform is participation in our 12-Step Program, which is required of all clients seeking addiction treatment. This program infuses the 12-Step process into every part of your life by building trust among your peer group and fostering a belief in the validity of the sobriety process.

The 12-Step Program is actually one component of a larger, comprehensive plan to create lasting recovery for all our patients. The knowledge that 12-Steps provides clients through their education and meeting-based approach has been widely proven to be instrumental to lasting addiction recovery and in preventing relapse.

The 12-Step Program has been in existence for more than 65 years and is centered on the idea that your own recovery from addiction is only the beginning of the process, not the end 12-Steps offers continual support to others in recovery, long after they have left Reflections. It is through this “community of recovery” that patients find the support they need to cope with the triggers that started their addiction. 12-Steps is neither experimental nor untested – it is a proven program upon which countless people rely to maintain sobriety.

The spiritual component of the 12-Step program acknowledges a higher power but does not ascribe to a single religion or endorse any denomination of any specific faith. What matters most, and what is most effective, is teaching clients to believe in a power stronger than themselves, and that their addiction recovery is only the first mission of the 12-Step Program.

Contrary to popular belief, the 12-Step Program is not solely an alcohol rehab process. 12-Steps can be applied for the benefit of:

  • Heroin addiction recovery
  • Prescription drug addiction recovery
  • Opiate addiction recovery

Our 12-Step Program Activities Include:

  • Recovery games based on daily readings
  • Open sessions using a 12-Step format
  • Group discussions about important related topics
You Will Experience the Benefits of:
  • Coping Skills
  • Cooperation
  • Added community support
  • Trust-Building
  • Decision-Making
  • Positive Risk Taking
  • Self-Care
Goal of Treatment:
  • Gaining knowledge and familiarity with the 12 Steps
  • Integrating the 12 steps into every part of your everyday life
  • Trusting and relying on others
  • Being of service to others as a way towards health
  • Having faith in the process

Reflections Recovery Addiction Therapy Services Features

  • Affordability – We accept most insurances (call for qualification)
  • Initial screening and assessment for level of care – To help determine the best path to recovery
  • Individualized treatment planning – Helps accommodate unique lifestyles and schedules
  • Psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication consultation and medicine management – To establish and maintain the right path to recovery
  • 24 hour crisis support from on call treatment professional – For times when urgent response is critical
  • Random Substance Abuse Screening – Provides needed accountability
  • Individual, Process Groups, Psycho-Drama, 3 day Family and Multi-family group process and workshop – Helps patients and loved ones understand their roles, responsibilities, and each other.
  • Alcohol and Drug Education – Empowering patients with the facts they need to know
  • 12-Step and Spirituality Workshops – Starting down the road to lasting recovery
  • Anger Management – Controlling emotions instead of letting emotions control us
  • Relapse Prevention – Essential to lasting recovery
  • Continuum of Care – Application of mind and body needs throughout recovery
  • Life Skills – Managing daily living to prevent feelings of helplessness
  • College Prep/Motivation and Direction – Setting and achieving scholastic goals
  • Recovery fun – Recovery and fun are not mutually exclusive. Often, patients are enrolled in facilities that have forgotten the therapeutic value of fun and laughter.


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