Addiction Recovery Services in Costa Mesa

Addiction Recovery Services in Costa MesaRRC provides an affordable Recovery Service to individuals and families suffering from addiction and alcoholism.

Addiction Recovery Services offered are based on an individual and personalized approach. Outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation works. Reflections Recovery provides a structured and intensive alternative to an inpatient or residential drug rehab setting, or coming back home to Orange County from a recent stay in a detoxification unit, hospital, or twenty-four hour substance abuse facility – Reflections Recovery is for you. Offering Day and Evening programs Reflections Recovery Center applies a comprehensive, integrated and individualized holistic approach. We help our clients identify and address drug and alcohol abuse as well as underlying core issues directly related to their addictive behaviors.

At Reflections we use various types of modalities such as social, behavioral and clinical, to guide each client through the best addiction treatment experience possible. Our treatment team helps each client to gain understanding, knowledge and practical application to living a clean and sober life. This learning process is three-dimensional and offers insight into each person’s internal template. This will address their beliefs, behavior patterns, emotions, old messages, and core undefined issues. Once an internal template is clear, together we will begin to identify, analyze, and process, a new template that will empower each individual to living a healthy and sober lifestyle.

Our addiction recovery services provide a diverse, dynamic, and effective treatment experience, which greatly improves an individual’s chance of a lifelong recovery.

Every modality is crucial in providing freedom from drug, alcohol, and process addictions, compulsive behaviors, underlying trauma and stability of mental health.

Our Addiction Recovery Services Includes

  • Education
  • Confidence
  • Empowerment
  • Ability to experience a healthy and sober lifestyle
  • Self-supporting life skills and social responsibility
  • Freedom and happiness
  • Added community support
  • 12-step Program Essentials
Individualized Treatment Plan Addressing:

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